Stories from the Babysits community

After some persistence, I got several babysitting jobs with a family that lives close to me. It's perfect to combine with my studies and I have a lot of fun with the kids.

Rita, Aveiro

Thanks to Babysits I was able to find a babysitter to take care of my two daughters and take them to school in the morning when I'm already at work. I am a single mother, so it is very difficult for me to reconcile work with my daughters' schedules, and Babysits has made life much easier for me. It's super easy to register on the platform, and through the profile information and referrals, you can make a good selection and see all registered babysitters in my area. Thank you!

Mafalda Carvalho, Lisbon

As a student, babysitting is really one of the best jobs you could possibly have. The flexibility I get allows me to combine the school hours with work hours. I created a Babysit profile and quickly discovered several ads from families that needed help nearby. It's a great way to put families and babysitters in touch!

Inês, Lisbon

I've been babysitting on and off for 2 years and now with Babysits, I have a more balanced schedule and income. I check the platform regularly and contact the families nearby. I am studying to be a child educator so being a babysitter is the perfect part-time job for me!

Madalena, Porto