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January 2022

Sandra is very caring, knowledgeable and always attentive. I recommend.

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February 2021

Sandra has provided regular Babysitting for our one year old daughter and has built an excellent relationship with her. She engages her in fun activities and has always been flexible to meet our reque

Ana Loureiro

October 2020

Sou educadora de infância e tive o privilégio de ter a Sandra como minha colega de trabalho, enquanto auxiliar da ação educativa. A Sandra é uma pessoa empática, que pensa no outro e gosta de ajudar

Ana Neto

October 2020

I am writing to refer Sandra Maria da Veiga França Aguiar as a Nanny/Babysitter. Sandra looked after my children, a girl of 2-3 and a boy of 4-5, from January 2014 to April 2015, and performed dilige

September 2020

Conheço a Sandra à relativamente 12 anos, desde o dia em que encontrou na sala do estabelecimento de ensino onde trabalhava para fazer o seu estágio como auxiliar de infância, e desde esse dia cresceu

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